Since its establishment, Maisadou Tea & Café has been nurturing top talents for a consistent operation which maintains stable quality. If you are a person who seeks perfection, you are the one we are looking for. Maisadou will be providing ongoing training for our employees to help them master the skills required for the job.

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  • You may find your own shop location or engage an agent to do so; the location will be assessed by headquarters.
  • You may lease an open space and build the shop yourself; the area of the open space has to be at least 15 ping (49.6 m2).
  • Construction/Renovation period is about 20 to 30 days in total.
  • Lease period has to be 3 years or more.
  • Monthly rent not to exceed NTD100,000
01. There are 5 direct-managed stores; the rest are franchises set up by our employees or branches set up by the franchises. We are very strict concerning the franchise entry criteria and subsequent supervision. If you consider yourself a talent in the service business, we welcome you to join the Maisadou family.
02. There are risks in any business. Franchising with Maisadou Tea & Café does not guarantee success. Only with full dedication and ongoing effort can you reduce the risks and increase your profits.
03. Food and beverage service is a business that requires high physical strength, as one is expected to stand for 10 long hours per day. You need to assess your own ability (for operator, store manager position) to see if you are suitable for such working conditions.
04. Headquarters has strong expectations, influence and control over the franchises. As a franchisee, you are not given full play and much control (even though the franchisee is the funder as well as the person who manages the store, in other words, the actual "boss"). Are you able to accept such a system and management style?
05. Principle of Maisadou Tea & Café: Legal Sustainable Operation As the operating cost is relatively high, the profit is not as high as outsiders may expect. Our profit margin is about 20% to 30%, and requires long term and consistent operation to attain such profit. It is not like the information and high-tech industry where there are high profit margins.